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IV – The Folution

Many riots later, among all the chaos, Merlin, the only remaining ruler of the Frogsylvanian realms, appeared on his famous balcony of Volaranae tower, where he used to give his famous, sweet and accented speech. He had darker than usual circles around his eye from the many sleepless nights he spent coming up with his folution together with FUD, his good company.
The crowd was silent, Merlin was hesitant; the Archmage knew he had to make a tough decision because the disappearance of kings, despite their political view of Magic and of course each other, had brought chaos upon the amphibians of Frogsylvania.


III – The Froglem

It is a well-tested fact, the nature of dark magic is to come at high prices. Of course, Merlin didn’t understand how his spell could manifest dark magic at the time and so as the deed was done, Merlin’s solution turned into a skyfall for Frogsylvanian citizens.

Thousands of frogs were chanting his name, voices buzzing in his ears, Merlin was petrified. People down there were celebrating the latest achievement of their beloved archmage but something was clearly wrong. Strange dark clouds gathered above the other 8 castles of Frogsyvlania and purple lightning rained down on them like wrath from the heavens, it was indeed unholy. Moments passed like ages, Merlin ran to his crystal ball to see what was happening his stomach turned: a lightning fork smote each castle, dissolving kings into the Ether! From Crosseum to Frogoshima, Grodaholm to Heket, even on Toadooine in the sky, rulers in all their might and glory, screeched as they vanished into thin air.

Merlin took a glance at his assistant: “FUDson, we’ve got a Froglem!”


II – The Conflict

While Merlin kept experimenting, FUDson asked for a few days off to which Merlin shook his hand in dismissal “Sure, whatever” while he was staring at yet another old, dusty scroll through a giant magnifier.

FUD set the “salvation plan” to motion as he was traveling from kingdom to kingdom, spewing poison in the ears of this king or that “Why should Merlin have the Dome? What is he after? Who knows what power he’ll be able to yield when he’s figured out the Dome’s true nature?”

Doubt started eating away at the souls of the kings in the shape of a parasite named FUDson. Kings began questioning Merlin’s motives and each other. Soon, they all wanted the Dome to themselves and the conflict began to escalate.

Sometime later, a clueless Merlin was summoned to The Chamber of Lords to discuss the fate of the Dome and there, he discovered the scale to which this conflict had already escalated. Of course, nobody spoke of FUDson; they all thought he was on their side and their side alone as a result of FUD’s careful and calculated manipulations.


I – The Dome

The colors of dusk would paint the skies of Pond-Apura, the icicles of Grodaholm would glisten, Croakerian traditions would carry on, cherries would blossom on Frogoshima, wine would never cease to flow in Croasseum, the dunes of Heket would change shape with the touch of wind, the structures of Frogopolis would stand tall, trade would never cease to flourish on the bays of Toadooine and the wheel of innovation never stopped turning in Nottinufmana. Ah yes! Overall nothing ever really happened in Frogsylvania… Until “it” appeared… purple and floating, out of thin air over the Volaranae tower and changed everything! Was it the first thing that has ever just appeared in Frogsylvani? No, things crashed, dropped and surfaced all the time… but this THING, in particular, was a thing of wonder; nothing ever has been like this thing.


“What is it now?!” cried FUDson, with a broom in his hand, his pale eyes rolling back in his head and his dark blue mouth agape.