I – The Dome

The colors of dusk would paint the skies of Pond-Apura, the icicles of Grodaholm would glisten, Croakerian traditions would carry on, cherries would blossom on Frogoshima, wine would never cease to flow in Croasseum, the dunes of Heket would change shape with the touch of wind, the structures of Frogopolis would stand tall, trade would never cease to flourish on the bays of Toadooine and the wheel of innovation never stopped turning in Nottinufmana. Ah yes! Overall nothing ever really happened in Frogsylvania… Until “it” appeared… purple and floating, out of thin air over the Volaranae tower and changed everything! Was it the first thing that has ever just appeared in Frogsylvani? No, things crashed, dropped and surfaced all the time… but this THING, in particular, was a thing of wonder; nothing ever has been like this thing.


“What is it now?!” cried FUDson, with a broom in his hand, his pale eyes rolling back in his head and his dark blue mouth agape.

“… I wonder…” said Merlin, the Archmage of Nottinufmana, clearly intrigued before he hopped out to the balcony on the Volaranae tower with a disinterested FUDson half-hiding behind him.

There it was, majestic, purple and glossy floating right above them.

“Curious!” said Merlin “…Help me grab it FUDson!”

“Wait, we don’t know what it is, it might be a dragon’s egg! No frog’s tongue can bear the weight!” Said the cowardly little thing.

“Exactly!” replied Merlin with excitement.

In a matter of hours, they crafted a harness out of the purest Ethereum, mined from the depths of the Grodaholm mountains. Merlin reinforced it with runes and magic… One, Two, Three… The harness closed its claws around the dome-shaped object and pulled itself down to its cradle with a bang. They had the dome! Or was it the dome that had them?

There was a feast that lasted Six days and Six nights in Nottinufmana to celebrate this curious discovery. All manners of warlocks, sorcerers and mages came from the Foraculae Academy to identify the strange entity but to no avail; some things were for sure though; it definitely wasn’t a dragon’s egg and it was definitely a thing of magic, maybe more. In a ceremonious event, Merlin named the thing “Dunkelheit Dome” after the dark purple color, the gas-like look and the cold leather feel to it. Word traveled fast and soon frogs from the other realms came to see the wonder born into their world, bearing offerings… and kings… bearing bribes and for far longer, the party didn’t stop.

Slowly but surely, everyone went home. Merlin and FUDson now had time to work out what the dome can do and how to harness its powers. Merlin was sure he could harness untamed, raw magic from the dome and use it to help provide further comfort for all Frogsylvanians, also because he really wanted to; this was the only exciting thing he’d encountered in a long time. He worked ceaselessly to get the equations right and when he wasn’t fiddling around with the dome, he was buried under dusty scrolls at the Academy’s library.

One such day FUDson was alone with the Dome… he was sweeping the balcony floors on Merlin’s orders when he heard it: a slight hissing at first that slowly started forming his name “FUUUDsssooon, FUDson” It came from the Dunkelheit Dome! FUD froze! Broom fell from his hand with a clank. The concentrated gas inside the dome began to change color into a bright purple. “FUDson” called again. FUDson was drawn to it, laid a hand on the dome and stuttered “Y-Yes?”

And so the Dome whispered to FUD’s concealed vain, jealous nature, the extent of his worth and the unworthiness of Merlin, the chaos and disarray of life in Frogsylvania and FUD’s right to rule them all. Day after day the Dome would whisper to him the “salvation plan” like a prophet of doom.

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