III – The Froglem

It is a well-tested fact, the nature of dark magic is to come at high prices. Of course, Merlin didn’t understand how his spell could manifest dark magic at the time and so as the deed was done, Merlin’s solution turned into a skyfall for Frogsylvanian citizens.

Thousands of frogs were chanting his name, voices buzzing in his ears, Merlin was petrified. People down there were celebrating the latest achievement of their beloved archmage but something was clearly wrong. Strange dark clouds gathered above the other 8 castles of Frogsyvlania and purple lightning rained down on them like wrath from the heavens, it was indeed unholy. Moments passed like ages, Merlin ran to his crystal ball to see what was happening his stomach turned: a lightning fork smote each castle, dissolving kings into the Ether! From Crosseum to Frogoshima, Grodaholm to Heket, even on Toadooine in the sky, rulers in all their might and glory, screeched as they vanished into thin air.

Merlin took a glance at his assistant: “FUDson, we’ve got a Froglem!”

FUDson, his trusted assistant, looked over the yonder with his fish eyes and observed the psionic storm over the castles in the distance. Although he was frightened to his core because of the events that were transpiring at that very moment, his thirst for power and control together with his hot raging hatred for Merlin and the other kings, forced his foul, blue lips to curl up into a sneaky smile before he turned to Merlin and blurted out an “I think it’s alright, no worries sire… let’s find a Folution!” Merlin murmured something close to a curse and said “I think I just might.”

Merlin knew this error was irreversible, an error that was going to be a grave burden on the nation… Soon enough, despite Archmage’s efforts to reach peace and plenty, Frogsylvania was thrust into chaos.

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